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Talent concept

Employees are the most important wealth and strategic resources of Derun Company. We create a good working environment and development platform for every employee to ensure that employees get continuous promotion in the whole career development process of derun Company.
The company adheres to the principle of talent as the foundation of the company's development, attracting talents by development and retaining talents by culture.

  • Provide competitive compensation

    The company strictly abides by the labor law and relevant laws and regulations, and provides competitive compensation for employees, so that the company's employees always maintain a good quality of life.

  • Enhance employees' sense of belonging and honor

    Emphasize the career development planning of enterprise employees: make the best of people, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, and enhance the sense of belonging and honor of employees.


In addition to annual salary introduction and current welfare benefits (five social insurance and housing fund, year-end bonus, etc.), other benefits will be added according to different positions:

  • The company provides residential housing with comfortable environment and convenient life, such as enjoying special housing subsidies of class A, class B and class C;

  • The company provides free rental vehicles for your travel (with a qualified driver's license above C1 level) to meet your living needs;

  • Based on the principle of giving talents a sense of belonging and sureness and relieving their worries, the company will recommend suitable job opportunities for their families if necessary.

Career development

Salary Promotion

The salary will be increased once a year, with an adjustment ratio of 10% - 20%.

Job Promotion

  • Management Path

    New employee Junior manager (team leader, supervisor) Middle managers (directors and managers) Senior managers (director, deputy general manager)

  • Management Path

    New employee Junior technician Professional technicians Assistant Engineer Engineer  Senior engineer