Yantai New Factory




Project Name: High-end TFT liquid Crystal Electronic Material Base Project


Investment estimate:The total investment is 400 million yuan. Construction investment: 320 million yuan, working capital of 0.8 million yuan.
Financing plan: Own capital and share financing and bank loan.
Land area:90 mu (net land).
Product status:300 tons of high-end liquid crystal electronic materials (HHV series 80 tons, CCOWO2 series 50 tons, HHBUF series 30 tons, BGUXUF series 20 tons, CC1H series 20 tons and other high-end liquid crystal electronic materials).
Construction CONTENT:The project consists of main engineering, public engineering, environmental protection engineering, warehouse engineering, research and development center, testing and analysis center, comprehensive building, etc.
Sales:He post-partum sales amount is more than 850 million yuan, and the profit and tax are more than 280 million yuan.
Application: Used to prepare mixed liquid crystal materials for TFT, and then used in TFT-LCD panel,TFT-LCD panel is widely used in mobile phone, laptop, computer, TV and other communication products.
Target market:China's three leading mixed liquid crystal materials enterprises and listed companies: Beijing 800 million, Shijiazhuang Chengzhi Yonghua, Jiangsu Hecheng, etc. Also a small amount of supply: Taiwan Dally polymer, South Korea SGS, Japan DIC, Shifeng technology and other countries (overseas) enterprises.