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Xiaonian: I wish Xiaonian happy, happy and healthy!

February 05,2021

On the auspicious day of the lunar new year, I would like to send you all the blessings of "wealth" full of blessings. The Derun family wishes all customers and friends a happy family, prosperous wealth and long happiness! Be safe and happy in the future!

Since the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival has arrived, and the joy of the Spring Festival has come into our arms. On February 4, 2021, on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, the traditional program "making dumplings" of Derun company for the Spring Festival has been launched. All experts are scrambling to compete. You roll the skin, I'll make the dumplings, and everyone is happy and happy!
      This year, there are two kinds of dumpling stuffing, cabbage meat and leek meat, which means that next year, hundreds of money (cabbage) will gather for a long time (leek)!

Delicious dumplings
——It's not as fun as Wangnian jiaozi Silver——

Put coins in the dumplings
Money for dumplings
Meaning the new year
Everything goes well, everything goes well, everything goes well

Every holiday, I miss my relatives. The small dumplings not only carry forward the traditional festival culture and create a strong festival atmosphere, but also enhance the emotional exchanges between colleagues and further enrich the company's corporate culture.
     Drive away the cold of the old year and usher in the warmth of the new year. I wish you a happy new year. May you live a leisurely life. Making money and wealth are not easy. Good luck and happiness are linked!